Saturday, December 7, 2013

My experience of a Cheating guy

They say all of us have been cheated on we just might have never found out. Yes someone in your past or present has cheated on you. Don't b in denial it happens.
So I, Miss ♌♥ Sunshine have been cheated on. Yes me. And oh.... Its not just "cheating" its CHEATING. Yes with capital letters.

So I've been dating this guy for the past like 8 to 9 months and honestly, I wouldn't call it love but he made happy, that's the truth, I was happy with him.

The beggining of our relationship there was a big RED FLAG that I over looked, yep he had a "girlfriend" he used to call baby, love and all those other names and I asked him about it and he said, Noooo, she's so into me and I broke up with her last year (the previous year) but she doesn't want to leave me alone but I'll end it her, oh yes he actually did "finally" end it with her and then "our" relationship moved on "peacfully" until I found out that there was another one, oh same old story I broke up with her but she's so obsessed with me you know "because I'm hot" well he didn't say that but seriously he's not irresistible.
I saw the texts of him telling her to leave him alone but yea she was a bit obsessed with him, that's crazy, she was crazy.

So what happened after that is the flow of "our relationship". You know when he's so nice like the best boyfriend of the year type, I was happy to be with him until after many months when I forgot about the other girls, but still in the back of my mind I knew that he was probably cheating until his "girlfriend" called me and said omg I have his phone, are you his girlfriend and I said yes and she said I'm dating him too and then I was like you can him I don't want him and she said no you can have him.

Ofcourse yukkk.... I don't want him nomore. She started texting me telling me omg you should see his phone he has so many girls that he's texting and I said you know what, we should meet. So us being big girls we met and when we got together his phone was full of sex talks with many girls, most of them asking him for money, others for transport and sex and more sex and it hit me. Oh my god.

I don't use a condom with him, I asked her and she said no, we don't use protection also, so as we were reading the text I notices that he loves having sex with just anybody and that he kept asking for it from so many girls and he was actually sleeping with them too. My heart dropped and I was like if he's not using protection with all of them, this could mean one thing. HIV AIDS, STDs, STIs and all of that. When he came to a place we were at I couldn't help but beat him up.

Yes I know, I stooped very low but it was bound to happen. I was so mad more than I was hurt and that poor girl, I must say she loved him more than I loved him, she was hurt deeply. So now I'm waiting for the HIV results, I wonder if I'm positive or what? I pray to God that I'm clean and that I'm not positive. I know I'll get over this beacuse I've been through worse.

So this is me sharing my story with you.
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