Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My dating experience with different signs

First and foremost I'm not saying people are who they are because of
their sun signs, moon signs or rising signs. Theres a lot that can
make people who they are, their backround, their experiece with
''love'' and how they define it.
So this blog is about how my relationships were with some guys that I
dated in the past according to their star signs.

I'm a leo and as they say you cannot be a complete sign, we all have
some aspects in us where we have all types of signs in us. I'm
focusing onsun signs not rising or moon signs.

Leo - I dated a leo guy years ago, he was my first f*#ckd up boyfriend
but it was ayyyyyt. Nothing mor to say about him,we were young.

Capricorn - Boy oh boy talk about disaster. I was fire and he was ice.
He loved me, real talk he did but his love wa sick, for a bright
positive leo , he was drowning me in his negativity it was so
depressing. He didnt understand me and he was at times cold,
insensitive and distant. I'm not saying all capricorns are like this
but he was psycho, he didnt want to let me go, I dumped him like a
billion times but he just couldnt take it, he was possesive,
controlling, obsessive, clingy and depressing but he finally just let
me go and I was relieved....wheeew!

After him I took a break from serious relationships and kind of
''socialised'' with a couple people, and I did my best to avoid
another capricorn that was all over me OMG not again.
Anyway then there was a

Sagittarius - our ''relationship'' had no affection ,it was nothing,
we were just fooling around until I got sick of him and he left and
suddenly he showed up and wanted to be with me on a serious note, he
was different, he was clingy, he was all over the place, he called me
exccesibly and i just didnt take it. I didnt know Sag had that side on
them because they are always so free spirited.

Then there was the fish

Pisces - it wasnt love for me I guess but I didnt know he was inlove
with me after I have broken up with me. one word I can describe that
Pisces. DREAMY. My goodness , pisces are so dreamy , I was sick of it.
It was over.

Virgo - I dated a virgo after pisces, not immediately but after a few
months. I loved that guy, I think he was the first guy I trully, whole
heartedly loved but m observation with him was insecurity, he was so
insecure and somewhow I dont he believed that he could be loved. The
reason why it ended is because of Virgos testy nature , oh I know he
was testing me on several occasions but me being a typical leo, I was
fed up, it back fired on him. He lied accusing me of seeing other guys
and I wasn't and he knew I wasn't , he kept pushing my buttons by
telling me ''facts'' that I was seeing other guys in his crazy
insecure ocd mind of his, but I dint do what he thought I would, beg
him to not leave me because I was sooo faithful and I loved him blah
blah , you know, because virgos want to comforted for nothing. So I
pulled back and pushed him too, it hurt real bad but I was/am grown
and mature for some stupid test games and put the guilt on him and
started calling him a liar that he was by accusing me of some guys
knew nothing about, I pushed so hard , showed him how stupid he was
and dumped me cause I'm bigger than his games. He started chasing
after me and apologising blah blah but I never took him back. Nope

and after that stupid Virgo drama ..... Hehehe ...... i started dating
a Scorpio, I'll keep it short even though it was crazy beautiful and

Scorpio - That one was beautiful at the beggining, he treated me like
a queen and I treated him like a king, but he was a bit childish at
times and I used to tell him. The problem is the lying and the
cheating. Damm he was a controlling, lying, cheating witch. He was
good to me though but he played a lion, really. Hahaha ...well leos
love does turn to hate in a second. I lashed at him with the harshest
words , I dont care if I hurt him, he had the guts to come back and
apologise, just imagine. I lashed at him 10x worse.

Anyway .... Thats all with all the typical signs I've been with.

I'm still waiting for my Aries man. But I think I'm dating a cancer
now .... By mistake. Its still day 1.

*Eunice B. Ngwenya*

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