Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The benefits of aloe vera plant for thin edges

Aloe vera plant has been in my parents house backyard for many years but I never bothered to use it.

My mom used to peel of the leaves of the plant, take the gel inside and boil with water. Yes boil it in a pot mixed with water and drink it. She once told me it was good to clean the stomach (constipation). I never wanted to drink it at all but she once forced me and I drank it and the taste was yuck.

So all these years I never used it until I saw my sister use on face, almost every night. Then because of me being me, I had my own ways of using the plant.

* I used aloer vera gel to grow some thin edges I had on the left and amazingly it worked.

What I did was peel of the side of the plant and one side of it and rubbed the gel on my hair, you can cut bigger pieces of the plant depending on the size of your hair. I let it dry for like 20 minutes and then I rinsed it with water, I did that for many days, it took me atleast 1 month to see the difference. I know it seems long but its a sure a good way of saving money and just having patience with the plant on your backyard.
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