Friday, November 29, 2013

Keep breathing

You wait in darkness for answers that you can't see.
You know what you deserve, you're wondering why your life is not what you thought it should be, when the night breaks, your heart still aches how can you face the day.

You just.

Keep breathing, you'll make it. Don't give in, you're not done yet. Sometimes all that you can do is keep breathing and believing, don't let go just hang on tight a little longer, when you feel like you're dying.
Keep breathing.
Don't give up. Don't give in. Don't let go.

When every moment is almost more than you can take, you've got know some tomorrow will bring your breakthrough. This is the reason why you got to get through the day, when the night is gone you will be strong.

Keep breathing

With every breath, you're bringing home, you're letting go of all your doubt, when nothing is easy you got to keep going, even when you don't know how. You don't have to know how.

Keep breathing. No! you are not done.
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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Storage box (DIY)

#Hashtag Yes I made this

Floral fabric storage box.

For tutorial go to my channel at, next time I'll put a direct link to my homemade/handmade/DIY staff.
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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Simple body scrub recipe

Very easy

These are probably the things we all have in our kitchen.
This easy body scrub works for me and it make my skin very soft and it removes dead skin too.

So this is it.
In a container 4 table spoon of your table salt and mix it with a lemon juice. (Pour as much lemon juice you can, for the mixture to blend in very well)

I usually use it after I have made my skin wet either with taking a shower or a quick bath, them I wipe my skin dry then I scrub my body with the mixture then sit for about 10 to 15 minutes then rinse it off, my skin couldn't be any softer.

****** ☺ You can ask questions and leave your comments. Thanks *******
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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The benefits of aloe vera plant for thin edges

Aloe vera plant has been in my parents house backyard for many years but I never bothered to use it.

My mom used to peel of the leaves of the plant, take the gel inside and boil with water. Yes boil it in a pot mixed with water and drink it. She once told me it was good to clean the stomach (constipation). I never wanted to drink it at all but she once forced me and I drank it and the taste was yuck.

So all these years I never used it until I saw my sister use on face, almost every night. Then because of me being me, I had my own ways of using the plant.

* I used aloer vera gel to grow some thin edges I had on the left and amazingly it worked.

What I did was peel of the side of the plant and one side of it and rubbed the gel on my hair, you can cut bigger pieces of the plant depending on the size of your hair. I let it dry for like 20 minutes and then I rinsed it with water, I did that for many days, it took me atleast 1 month to see the difference. I know it seems long but its a sure a good way of saving money and just having patience with the plant on your backyard.
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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Dealing with insults

Have you ever been insulted for whatever reason?
Well I have, many times when I was in high school but recently some guy insulted me and because ofcourse no one is ever ready for insults, I wasn't either.

So my reaction was shock but I didn't let it show. I was surprised how someone can be so closed minded and act they are all perfect.

Being insulted is not a good thing, but I slightly smile at him and answered him on my point of view, because at the end of the day we all have different opinions of point of views to anything, I eventually walked away from him.

The thing about insults it doesn't matter if they come from a stranger or someone you know, you just have to remain calm and be nice don't make the situation escalate because you'll make the other feel like they have achieved something by insulting you, ignore it and act like it doesn't matter, yes it can hurt a bit but you know better, you know yourself better and it doesn't matter what people say, people are going to talk even after you die people will still be talking.

if you're comfortable in who you are and you know yourself better, you will get yourself together and keep moving, one mistake or one insult doesn't have to stop you from enjoying the present.
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Friday, November 8, 2013


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Monday, November 4, 2013

Dreams and their meaning

Dreams and their meanings

I'm a dreamer, a big dreams, I dream almost every night. Yes it is
said dreaming is a good thing but at the same time, dreaming can be
cause anxiety when ones dreams dont make much sense and the urge of
having a dream interpreter rises.

I'm black and I live in South Africa and there are many
mordern/western websites that interpret dreams and I do go them to
check and understand what my dreams could have meant but at the same
time, I'm half Swati and half Zulu and in South Africa we have
culture. So as much as many dreams can be confusing, I also have to
remember that in my culture ancestral ''thing'' is followed. I call it
a ''thing'' cause I dont know what to call it.

So as many dream ''interpreters'' say that dreams do come from God and
others ofcourse fromthe enemy, the devil and in my culture it could my
ancestors sending me a messege of some kind.

This can be very confusing especially because I'm a big dreamer, and
sometimes I get to a point where I just dont care about the messege in
the dreams that dont make sense but only to just believe that God is
in charge and that if some dreams come from the devil, he will
definately help me in some way.

So my point is not all dreams are supposed to make sense, not all
dreams are from God and yes sometimes you will dream about the
deceased and if you believe in God like I do, then you should
definately leave all those nightmares to God through prayer. Amen.

*Eunice B. Ngwenya*